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Createurs de Luxe – Hermès Birkin Bags to the gym!

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Summer has arrived and it’s time to whip your bikini beach bod into ship-shape. How are celebs like Kim Kardashian and Nicole Richie bringing a touch of glamour to their workout routines? While in their sweats and Nike trainers these girls have been spotted carrying Hermes Birkins to the gym. Kardashian and Richie are just a few in the slew of celebrities toting their prized Hermes Birkins to the gym. Stars seem to be eschewing their stinky duffle bags for something a little more “deluxe” these days. What’s a bigger status symbol: a Birkin bag or the fact that you take it with you to the gym? Not sure how you feel about bringing your Birkin to the gym?

With such a symbolically powerful handbag in your arsenal of accessories why not sport your Birkin to the gym? It is just the thing to give you a powerful burst of inspiration that you can achieve a toned and taut body; because honestly you have already done the impossible and snagged yourself one of the most sought after handbags in the world. Whipping your body into shape will now be no problem. Prove to your yourself that you are the powerful woman with the power handbag and power body.

At Createurs de luxe, we’re all for injecting glamor into every aspect of life including going to the gym to give you a little inspiration. Our little inspiration of luxury and glamour for you this season?

35cm Matte Crocodile with Pave Diamonds

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If your significant other really wants express his undying love to you, tell him to forget putting a ring on it and instead get you a diamond hardware Hermes Birkin. Because while diamonds may a girl’s best friend and jewelry is nice, who honestly wears diamond statement jewelry out everyday? If your aim is to emulate Marilyn Monroe and wear only your jewels and Chanel No. 5 to bed at night, that my be all fine and dandy, but it is a bit bit on the impractical side. Truly the best way to make a statement everyday with diamonds is with an ultra deluxe diamond Birkin. What could possibly be more fabulous than adding diamonds to a handbag that is already a gem in its own right? Two of the most sought after commodities on earth– the Hermes Birkin and diamonds– together create an overwhelming explosion of luxury. At Creatuers Deluxe we do aftermarket diamonds to add even more sparkle and glamor to the iconic Birkin. We employ the finest jewelers to insure the final outcome of each custom Birkin of is of the highest caliber craftsmanship and that the diamonds used are of the highest quality. No doubt if Ms. Monroe had been able to get her hands on one of our custom diamond hardware Birkins during her lifetime she would have gone to bed with nothing on but Chanel No. 5 and her Hermes Birkin. If gentlemen prefer blondes then women prefer gentlemen that gift them with diamond hardware Birkin bags.

Marc Jacobs- What’s In His Birkin?

Although he designs some of the most sought after handbags for his own Eponymous label and for Louis Vuitton, Marc Jacobs eschews all of them as his handbag of choice and instead carries an Hermes Birkin. Mr. Jacobs famously toted a Birkin on the beach of St. Barts over a year ago while flaunting his toned physique and canoodling with–then fiance–Lorenzo Martone. While carrying a Birkin as a beach bag shocked some and left others feeling oh so bourgeois, Createurs Deluxe begs to ask the question: What was in his Birkin? Here are a few things we think Mr. Jacobs may have stashed into his glamorous “beach tote.”

1. Mr. Jacob’s uniform of a crisp white button down and Commes Des Garcons kilt are at the ready should he decide to go to dinner after a long day of laying out in the sun (Shirt from Marc by Marc Jacobs, Kilt from Comme Des Garcons)

2. Should inspiration strike a journal and set of mini color pencils are on hand to sketch ideas for next season’s collection (Journal from Marc by Marc Jacobs collaboration with Moleskin available at Barneys, Mini Color Pencils from BookMarc)

3. Hydration is key to staying in tip-top shape and maintaining an Adonis like body a la Marc Jacobs (Water Bottle from Marc by Marc Jacobs)

4. Skimpy brief-cut swimsuits are favored by Jacobs and this turquoise speedo is for when the need strikes to wear a more colorful suit (Swimsuit from Marc by Marc Jacobs)

5. A sexy swimsuit and stunner shades are all the outfit you need on the beach (Sunglasses from Marc Jacobs)

6. Even though it will not fit in a Birkin what better way to round out your fun in the sun than bringing along a surfboard you designed yourself to ride the waves? (Surfboard from Marc by Marc Jacobs)

7. Adding a decadent touch to Jacobs’ beach outing, this luscious Louis Vuitton monogram beach blanket is perfect for laying out on while soaking up the sun (Beach Blanket from Louis Vuitton)

8. A pair of flip-flops to keep those perfectly manicured toes from getting scorched on the hot sandy beach. (Sandals from Marc by Marc Jacobs)