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35cm Hermès Birkin Bag – “Birkin Club” – Do you want to join the club?

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35cm Hermès Birkin Bag – Blue Electrique!

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The brilliant electric blue of the latest Birkin bag in our repertoire brings to mind the vivid pointillist dots of Roy Liechtenstein’s comic strip paintings. A strong primary hue will always pack a punch!   Give a jolt of cartoon color to your own wardrobe with our hot new electric blue Birkin bag.

30cm Hermès Birkin Bag – Pale Greige Crocodile – Don’t hate us!

30cm Hermès Birkin Bag – Pale Greige Crocodile – Don’t hate us!

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30cm Hermès Birkin Bag – Pale Greige Crocodile – Don’t hate us!

30cm Hermès Birkin Bag – Blue MYKONOS Alligator

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Incorporate a dash of cool color into your wardrobe our Mykonos Alligator Birkin is just the answer. As the ideally idyllic shade of blue the Mykonos Alligator Birkin will add a deliciously frosty bite to any outfit just as the fall chill starts to seep in…..

35cm Hermès Violet Crocodile Birkin Bag – Victorious Violet!

35cm Hermès Picnic Kelly Bag – HOT NEW BAG!

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Now that we are at the at end of summer it is essential to savor the last days of warm weather as they are fast fleeting into the cool crispness of fall. Moreover, what could be more essentially summery than enjoying a picnic feast with a wicker basket in tow? With Hermes’ latest incarnation of the iconic Kelly bag in wicker not only can you add a dash of style to your next al fresco outing you can bring the picnic with you wherever you go. No matter where you go your Picnic Kelly will always remind of the idyllic summer days you spent lying in the grass enjoying the sun’s warm embrace. If you plan on enjoying a picnic this weekend this exclusive Hermes Spring Summer 2011 Picnic Kelly is just what you need to make your outing unforgettable. It is more than just a handbag it is a perennial reminder of summer. Enjoy summer’s last hurrah! Wishing everyone a happy labor day from Createurs de Luxe.

35cm Hermès Shiny Rouge VIF Niloticus Crocodile Kelly Bag


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