35cm Hermes 2 Tone Birkins in Various Colors

35cm, Hermes, 2Tone, 2 Tone, Lagoon, Ebene, Beige Rose, Brown, Beige, Teal, Biscuit, Swift Leather, Leather, Swift, Taurillon Clemence, Toile H, Palladium Hardware, Ruthenium Hardware, Authentic, Createursdeluxe, Createurs de Luxe, Guaranteed Authentic,


Three beautiful Hermes 2 Tone Birkins.

35cm Lagoon Swift & Toile H Birkin with Palladium Hardware.
35cm Ebene & Beige Rose Birkin with Ruthenium Hardware.
35cm Biscuit & Toile Birkin with Palladium Hardware.


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