35cm Hermes Blue Jean Togo Leather Birkin Handbag – Did you lose your Hermes handbag in a fire?

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Cheri Knoblauch of VH1’s show Baseball Wives got into an argument on the season finale with another baseball wife, Anna Benson. The argument starts with Benson insinuating that Knoblauch is a floozy. Knoblauch trying to turn the tables against Benson attacks her for wearing fur. Benson then points out that Knoblauch has an Hermès Birkin sitting next to her that is made of leather, a.k.a. animal skin. Benson then picks up the bag and throws it onto an open fire the ladies are sitting around. Yes, this woman throws a bag that is worth more than $15,000 (as Knoblauch says it had cost) in a fire during an argument. Just in case you didn’t know, Birkins will burn when put one on an open fire. Knoblauch, your ability to keep your cool and not clobber Benson gets you out of the anger management classes we would recommend for Benson.


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