Hermès Matte Bougainvillea Crocodile Birkin with Gold Hardware

I received an email back in September of 2011 from “Madame K” with an attachment of the most beautiful matte colored crocodile Birkin bag I had ever seen. She wrote, If you ever get this, please call, morning, noon or night. I have no idea who the person is in the photo carrying the bag but I was intrigued to say the least. Here is the photo “Madame K” sent me:




The only problem I could see was the beautiful gold hardware was behind the gold bars which makes scratching on the hardware like a Brillo pad, YIKES! Take the hardware out from the bars to avoid scratching of your hardware.
Anyway we finally special ordered this bag since it was so amazing!


35cm Hermès Bougainvillia Crocodile with Gold Hardware


 35cm Birkin Bag in Matte Bougainvillea Crocodile with Gold hardware


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