New Hermès bags, new Hermès colors and new Hermès prices!

WoW, it has been months and I have not had a chance to write on this blog. So many new things happening this year! We started the and with we have been moving non-stop!

New bags, new colors and new prices!

The news on the street is Patrick Thomas, CEO Business Week said that future increases are primarily due to higher prices for luxurious fabrics like cashmere, silk and crocodile leather. If that is the case, then why is it every year Hermes has a price increase without fail? It seems when January rolls around the price increase varies, but there is always an increase. So how much is too much for a bag? I remember buying my very first 35cm Birkin Matte Havanne Crocodile with gold hardware, priced at $14,500 in 2000. That same bag today retails for $50,000 (not to mention the price of paying a buyer to buy the bag!) I am told that a new 35cm Birkin bag in Crocodile with diamonds at Hermès is now selling for 196,000 euros, at today’s rate would be $260,000. So once again I ask, how much is too much for a bag? If each year Hermes increases the bags by 10%, in 10 years a leather Birkin bag could cost as much as $25,000, (this would probably be $50,000 on the resale market).


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